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  • Collegiate Network Students Receive Reagan Scholarships

    Seven members of ISI’s Collegiate Network (CN) were recently announced as winners of the Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarships from The Phillips Foundation. This year, the foundation offered a total of $131,000 in renewable and one-time scholarships to college undergraduates who “demonstrate exceptional achievements as campus leader-activists against ‘political correctness’ and ideological conformity, and for freedom, American values, and Constitutional principles on their campuses.”

    CN students received the following scholarships:
    Gabriella Hoffman, California Review advertising manager
    Claire Gillen, Irish Rover editor-in-chief
    Samuel Dettman, Irish Rover publisher
    Kelly Bowers, Bruin Standard editor-in-chief
    Lydia Mazuryk, Bruin Standard publisher
    Stephen Wu, Utraque Unum managing editor
    Anthony Dent, Carolina Review senior editor

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