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  • The 50th Anniversary of Whittaker Chambers's Death

    July 11, 2011
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    "Whittaker Chambers and Totalitarian Islam"
    National Review OnlineJuly 9, 2011

    Saturday, July 9, marked the fiftieth anniversary of Whittaker Chambers’s death. Rightly remembered for his pivotal role in the electrifying Alger Hiss spy case, Chambers was nonetheless much more than a government informant, as his monumental memoir, Witness, demonstrated.

    Over at National Review Online, Andrew Bostom looks at Chambers’s defense of the West and how it applies to totalitarian Islam today.

    Here at First Principles, Richard Reinsch’s feature article shows us that Chambers was a profoundly important thinker who grappled with the nature of modern man’s predicaments—so much so that Chambers’s penetrating insights may be more necessary today than they were even at the height of the Cold War.

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