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  • A (Taxpayer-funded) iPad for Every Student

    July 18, 2011
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    "Shorewood High School to get 1,600 iPads"
    MyNorthwest.comJune 7, 2011

    When I was in fifth grade a little over a decade ago, the digital revolution was just beginning to hit classrooms. Translation—we had no computers. I confess my elementary school was a private Christian one, but that doesn’t mean we had a whole slew of luxury items at our disposal. We got a library only partway through my fifth-grade year. If I wanted a book, I borrowed from the teacher or principal. Compared to many public schools, my school had worse facilities. Yet we excelled in all subjects and my fifth-grade class read two Shakespeare plays and performed one.

    I say this because every student at Shorewood High School near Seattle is being given an iPad this year to the tune of one million bucks for taxpayers. Granted, the school could use them to phase out textbooks and libraries, but all the same it seems more than a little expensive at the moment. And since when did students need to go online for math problems?
    I really don’t buy into the notion that nice expensive stuff automatically makes for good students or good teachers for that matter. I place inordinately more value on curriculum, parent involvement, and the relationship between students and teachers than on expensive stuff for a good education. Thoughts?

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