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    August 10, 2011
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    "Cameron: The Glee Project"
    OxygenAugust 10, 2011

    The show Glee makes me uncomfortable. I confess to not being a dancer or singer—I don’t even have an iTunes account—but I like music. Glee makes me uncomfortable, though, because it promotes promiscuous behavior to a young audience. Sex is very much a part of the show, and it is treated as perfectly natural, and to some extent harmless, for minors to be promiscuous. Glee also exhibits a certain trend toward what has been called the “new” tolerance—which equates tolerance with approval. In short, Glee promotes moral relativism with sing-along.

    The producers of the show concurrently produce The Glee Project, where a handful of young singers compete for a slot on Glee. The interesting thing is that one of the contestants was a committed Christian who believes sex is only for married couples. His name is Cameron. After doing a music video shoot to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” following that week’s theme of sexuality, Cameron decided to leave the contest voluntarily. The producers were shocked and tried to convince Cameron to stay, saying they would try to respect his values. They believed he would stay because they were offering him fame and fortune. But Cameron declined.

    I think Cameron showed a lot of integrity and courage. What do you think?

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