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  • Saving the Children

    August 25, 2011
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    "HPV Vaccination Rates Lagging for Teens"
    MedPage Today

    The CDC has some bad news. Their lament is not that a new super bug looms on the horizon this winter or that an infected Ebola monkey has escaped. What has deputy director of the CDC's national center for immunization and respiratory diseases Melinda Wharton so concerned is that there have not been enough thirteen year old girls getting their HPV vaccinations. Doubly frustrating for Melinda because the CDC recommends that little girls get the vaccination at age nine lest they mysteriously contract a sexually transmitted disease.

    Swing now to Gov. Perry in a related story. According to the Texas Truth-O-Meter the presidential candidate is trying to distance himself from his mandate that all Texas school girls get the HPV vaccination before entering sixth grade.

    So which is more unfomfortable for Perry right now: his former support of Al Gore or having been in league with unpopular CDC forced vaccination programs?

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