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  • Hey, You! Yes, You. Wanna be an Astronaut?

    September 7, 2011
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    "NASA Needs More Astronauts, Report Says"
    FOX NewsSeptember 7, 2011

    NASA recently flew its last shuttle mission, but that doesn't mean astronauts should go the way of the travel agents.

    Nope. According to the National Research Council, the 61 current astronauts "may not be enough." Enough for what? War with martians? Secret missions to repair "the moon"?

    Sadly, it's not that exciting. Apparently more astronauts are need to sit in the crowded International Space Station with a bunch of smelly Russians.

    There is also some sort of mathematical formula for just how many astronauts are needed. There is no mathematical formula, however, for the type of person who wants to spend months on end with a smelly Russian in the vast darkness of space.

    So if that describes you, congratulations, you should be an astronaut in no time.

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