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    September 20, 2011
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    "Scientists on trial for failing to predict Italian quake "
    MSNBC.comSeptember 20, 2011

    Scientists in Italy are going on trial for manslaughter for supposedly "not warning the public aggressively enough" about an impending earthquake in 2009.

    The quake killed 300 people.

    This is kind of ludicrous, and is the main reason I'm not a scientist. Actually, I struggle with basic math, which is the real reason.

    Anyway, this could be a dangerous precedent.

    We'd do well to remember that the Enlightenment was an evil time in which we decided that man could perfect himself and that we could know everything with absolute, scientific certainty.

    For all of you out there saying: "But we CAN." I bet you hate kings, too.

    Good day.

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