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  • Former Google Exec asks President Obama to raise his taxes

    September 27, 2011
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    "'Raise My Taxes,' Town-Hall Participant Tells Obama -- VIDEO"
    National JournalSeptember 26, 2011

    Yesterday, President Barack Obama held a town hall in the Silicon Valley sponsored by LinkedIn (the creepy, unemployed uncle of the social networking sites). A lot of crazy stuff happened. This part was super crazy.

    If you can get past the smug self-righteousness that permeates every second of this video, there's a good lesson to be learned.

    So yeah. That actually happened. And it was totally real and natural and not staged at all.

    The President responded: "I appreciate the fact that you recognize that we're in this thing together. We're not on our own. . . . Those of us who have been successful, we've always got to remember that."

    Of course, the larger issue here is that this guy (and lots of other people) are under the impression that the only way to do good, or make money, or be successful is through the government.

    Forced charity isn't charity, it's theft.

    What's stopping this ex-Google person from funding his own grants or bankrolling his group of researchers or entrepreneurs? Nothing really, except that it's becoming ingrained within us that the government will just take care of it.

    Here's a very successful, presumably intelligent person, begging the President of the United States to take more of his money (oh, by the way, your hefty tax check ain't going to Pell Grants, sir). As if the only way he could possibly do good with his money is to hand it over to the government, which, by the way is doing just some great, great things recently.

    Sure it's just one guy, but he doesn't want the government to just take a couple of his millions, he wants them to raise taxes on everybody like him. Cause, dude, Pell Grants. Where would we all be without Pell Grants?

    Anyway, if you've been blessed with wealth and are looking for ways to get rid of it, do it yourself. It will be more meaningful, and useful, and fulfilling than helping the government print more money and buy its own debt.

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