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  • Lessons from a Media Master

    October 19, 2011
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    In a November Behind the Headlines post (“The Putin PR Machine”) I noted how masterfully Vladimir Putin manages his media image. It matters not a wit that he stages these events, that he has a monstrous past, or that everyone knows it is all part of his plan to remain highly visible, anticipating the time best for him to seize power, er, be elected.

    Putin’s crass nudge-and-wink escapades and the blatant myth crafting he so easily pulls off reveal deep and disturbing aspects about how democracy works in mass culture. The lesson to be learned is how a candidate, regardless of his place and time, should pander for votes: Larger than life is better than humility; No one cares about your past if you entertain well now; Promise big, win big; Articulated reasoned ideas are always a liability.

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