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  • Viva la (Free-Market) Revolucion!

    November 3, 2011
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    "Cuba legalizes sale, purchase of private property "
    Associated PressNovember 3, 2011

    Communism, unfortunately, did not end up in the dustbin of history when the Soviet Union collapsed. A Communist system has endured for another two decades in Cuba, just ninety miles from America’s shores.

    But wait, things may finally be changing a little in Communist Cuba. The government will soon allow real estate to be bought and sold for the first time in a half century. Yes, that’s right, private property—that pillar not only of a prosperous economy but of a free society as well—is coming to Cuba.

    As F. A. Hayek reminds us, “The recognition of property is clearly the first step in the delimitation of the private sphere which protects us against coercion; and it has long been recognized that ‘a people averse to the institution of private property is without the first element of freedom.’ ”

    Perhaps someday the people of Cuba will also experience what property rights are so essential to preserving: liberty.

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