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  • Why Stupid Is the New Smart (and Why Elites Have Never Been So Mediocre)

    December 6, 2011
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    "Between the Covers"
    National Review OnlineDecember 6, 2011

    “Video gaming is just a new form of literacy.”

    “Reality shows . . . challenge our emotional intelligence.”

    “Who cares if Johnny can’t read? The value of books is overstated.”

    These are some of the nostrums of our digital age—a.k.a., Idiotville.

    Fortunately Dan Flynn is here to counter these claims, and remind us of a time—not so long ago—when the everyman aspired to high culture and intellectuals descended from the ivory tower to speak to the everyman.

    Over at National Review Online, John Miller has a really interesting interview with Dan about his new book, Blue Collar Intellectuals. Check out the interview here, and then check out the book here.

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